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A grid of UI screens sit in a grid on top of a colorful gradient
A grid of UI screens sits on top of a colorful gradient

Clearview Social is a leading employee advocacy platform that helps companies increase revenue through more effective and systematic use of social media. Supply helped Clearview Social audit, rethink, and refine their user experience, delivering a design system that sets them up for future success.

Clearview Social
  • Content Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Design Research
  • Guidelines & Systems
  • UI /UX
  • Web Applications
  • Prototyping & Testing

Supply design isn’t a design firm where you tell them exactly what you want, they are a thought partner that helps you come up with something better than you imagined.”

Katie Milligan// Product Manager
Bring customers into the conversation before making a significant change.

The Clearview Social offering quickly and organically grew over time. As a result, stakeholders inside the organization believed that many aspects of the user experience were not achieving their full potential, and the user experience had become inconsistent and confusing. Other stakeholders were concerned that a UX/UI overhaul might frustrate and confuse existing customers who had grown to love the product.

Our approach to addressing this tension was to rapidly audit, explore and refine the navigation and core features within Clearview Social’s web app. Then, we developed a prototype that was used in an A/B test against the existing product to determine how current customers might receive improvements. The results were overwhelmingly positive.

Define clear and consistent guidelines for a product team looking to gain efficiency.

Following user testing, we overhauled the site architecture, simplified the navigation, and built a robust component library based on Clearview Social’s brand identity. This component library and the accompanying guidelines have helped Clearview Social improve existing features and will serve as a strong foundation for building future features within their platform.

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